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The Story behind the Omega (from the owner):

"The car has many miles of stories and several nicknames over the years including the Fast Car(Mom named it),the Rocket,and the Granny car(4 door).My son was almost born in the car as my wife's water broke and we were 15 miles from the closest hospital.(made it in 7 minutes hence the name Rocket was also born along with my son).There's the story leaving the Saint Louis airport after dropping off some musician friends of mine and a tire from an overhead 747 dropping 2 feet from my front bumper then bouncing over the top of the Fast Car and pancaking the car behind me.My father purchased the car in 1990 for me and my wife as we were broke,getting married(my son was in the oven)and needed wheels.He bought the car from the next door neighbor with 31,000 original miles and today still has under 60,000.I was the second owner of the car but it is getting secretly restored for my son to keep it in the family.There is one more story of a singer-songwriter Randy Warmuth who is a close friend and always has the Fast Car as his ride waiting in the airport parking lot.There is a song named" DerbyTime"on Randy's album" Streets of Gold" that is wriiten about flying into Little Rock to pick up the Rocket and drive to Hot Springs for the horse races.(Tune in on CDBABY.com)."