week 7/10/15

week 7/3/15

week 5/25/15 thru 5/29/15

week 5/11/15 thru 5/15/15

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Delivered 4/30/15

This american icon was purchased in 1981 from a Oklahoma salvage yard and  was missing the motor, transmission along with alot of the interior. With alot of hard work it was put back together and given a new lease on life. it was driven proudly for several years until  the motor was blown up and it sat again. the owners son then restarted the project at the age of 17 and scraped up enough money to put it back on the road where it was enjoyed for several years off and on. and as usual life happens and the toys get put on the back burner of life. The current condition of the car is how it has sat for nine years, but not anymore we have been privielged to have been chosen to build this car into a modern pro-touring version the owner has dreamed about for years. 


203 Burchwood Bay Rd, Hot Springs AR 71913