week 10-15-15

week 9/18/15

week 8/25/15

week 8/17/15

This is a 1966 Ford F-100 Truck that has been restored awhile back. The previous owner installed a used 429 cid thunderjet motor with a toploader 4 speed. The front brakes where updated with disc brakes setup from another vehicle. All the work was done to try and make this a better truck to drive but this is not the case. We will be performing our magic on this truck by added a Ford 347 stroker with fuel injection rated at 415 hp a full vintage air serpentine setup backed up by a monster transmission rated for 450 hp. With the help of some suspension upgrades to adjust he stance alittle we will also widen the rear fenders by 3 inches to get a nice size wheel and tire combo under the rear. Needless to say this will be a outstanding build for the customer and for us. 


203 Burchwood Bay Rd, Hot Springs AR 71913